About Us

“Let’s go on an adventure” – these are quite possibly our favourite words in the world! No matter how long or short, extreme or chilled the adventure is, we simply want to trust our equipment to last. If you are anything like us, you came to the right place: we supply rugged equipment to complement your rugged life!

Being based in beautiful Hermanus, we are lucky enough to test our range all the time. From surfing, kayaking, fishing, SUPing and whale watching in the ocean, to hiking, running, cycling and camping in the mountains and valleys… we truly get to push the equipment to its limits, and it has never ever let us down.

We stumbled upon Northcore’s waterproof seat covers in 2014 in the UK when we were desperate to find a solution to get from the freezing cold ocean to a hot shower as fast and warm as possible! We have extensively used their products and can honestly say we have never come across a brand with such a diverse range of outstanding products. In 2017 we started importing Northcore to South Africa and the constant amazing feedback we get from our customers is testament to the extremes Northcore goes to produce arguably the most durable outdoor products available on the market today.

Not only is the quality second to none, Northcore also shares our passion for the environment. With less than 5% of their products containing single use plastic, the plastic they do use is often recycled. Combined with their #1moretreeplanted initiative, we are proud to be associated with such an eco-aware brand. They constantly come up with innovative, heavy duty products to grow their range, so be sure to check back often to see your latest adventure must-haves!